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The portable PMP microphone preamplifier is a precision and transparent instrument designed for interfacing with high quality professional microphones. Amplifies low-level mic signals onto line level output.All types of microphones can be used with it, from dynamic to condenser models. Internal 48v powering is also provided for phantom type microphones.

The PMP output was designed to feed into professional & semi-professional recording units, from ENG video cameras to small portable DAT and MD recorders. Small and large DV cameras will attain a better audio quality and versatility.

Most audio inputs will be enhanced by the PMP's better S/N ratio, flat frequency response, quiet design, low distortion and improved control.

The small size that belies this preamp's gigantic capabilities, along with a very strong all-metal construction and light weight, make this unit ideal for high quality location sound recordings.



 XLR balanced low impedance inputs. Line level outputs!

 Frequency response: 20 - 20000Hz 0.2dB. Limit set by microphone

 Distortion: THD at highest gain is below 0.01%

 Very low-noise transformerless mic level inputs

 Sealed Alps potentiometers & 21mm knobs

 LED peak clipping: independent red LEDs light at 3dB below clipping

 Gain selection: High 60dB, Mid 43dB, Low 25dB

 High-pass filter: 6dB cut at 150Hz w/ filter on

 Outputs: pots set level. 50 ohms impedance. Short-proof.

 XLR outputs. 1/4" jack output soon available

 Power: two 9 v / PP3 batteries, alkaline or lithium. More than 12 hours continuous use on alkalines

 Low-battery alarm LED

 Dimensions: 5.71" x 3.74" x 1.93" (145mm x 95mm x 49mm)

 Weight: 1.2lbs (600g) with batteries

 Special leather case optional

  One year warranty



With leather carrying case: $ 410

Unit only: $ 370

Schools:  call for very special price today !!!







 Phone:    305 776-0732

Fax:    954 747-1787